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Norlin Robles Sunga – Scammer and Con Artist

Dear friend,

This website exists to inform you about the modus operandi of a scammer and con artist, Norlin Robles Sunga. If you have crossed paths with her at a technology event or at a conference, or whether she has reached out to you on social media and introduced herself as a wealthy and successful entrepreneur, READ ON.
Well, we already know what’s next: of course, Norlin will dismiss this as a smear campaign against her by those who envy her success (what success?) and glamorous lifestyle (she stays at hostels and can’t afford a luxury hotel — that’s NOT glamorous). If you’re THAT gullible, you’d easily believe her stories. (She’s good at twisting the facts and concocting lies, by the way.)
Let’s set the record straight: We have NO reasons to envy her poor, unglamorous, and pathetic life as a scammer. We just can’t stomach seeing her carry on her scamming activities and target unsuspecting people, like you!


Name: Norlin Robles Sunga; Norlin Robles Sunga-Poblete
Nationality: Filipino
Age: mid-30s, single mother for 4
Her FAKE businesses: Merlin Solutions Group, Inc; Code for Asia Society, NRS Business Solutions, Gruppo Innovare, MediAid, being a pro-Duterte blogger


  • She is JOBLESS, but will introduce herself as:
  • A regional entrepreneur with multiple FAKE businesses in Southeast Asia
  • An events planner who has mounted international conferences in different countries
  • A startup / tech founder of multiple FAKE startup companies
  • A wealthy and well-traveled individual who has only been to very few countries in Southeast Asia, and has to swindle from people to finance her lifestyle and trips abroad


  • Being a swindler and an extortionist. She will use her fake sob stories (usually about her kids being rushed to the ICU) to compel you to lend her money.
  • Her fake story that she got scammed for Php8 million ($400,000). She can’t even pay for her meal but she had that amount stashed away?
  • Being a fake entrepreneur with fake companies and fake clients
  • Fake events planner with fake conferences and fake speakers
  • Being a FAKE pro-Duterte political blogger with the intention to attract politicians and scam them
  • Twisting the plot and stories and paint herself as the victim of people who envy her success and lifestyle hahaha
  • Her elaborate lies about people, her personal circumstances, her family, her credentials, her awards, and her businesses


  • She has at least two decades of training as a liar. It’s effortless and easy for her to LIE to your face. She lies, lies, lies ALL THE TIME!
  • She is articulate, knowledgeable, believable, persuasive, and has a way with words. Bakit kaya sa OLATS lang na university sya nag-aral? If you met her for the first time, you will be amazed at her stories. But let her talk and talk and you’ll eventually catch her lying outright to your face!
  • She uses her “charm”, or more like she seduces random men, hence the 4 kids, and then exploit these men.
  • Likes to upload selfies of famous and wealthy people on her Facebook timeline (see some photos above for some famous people she had selfies with), and fabricate stories about her relationships with these people (close friend, business partner, best friend, client, etc.). This is to try to impress her would-be victim and lure them into her dungeon before she goes for the kill. These would-be victims will believe that Norlin is respected in the community, well-connected with influential people, and has friends in “high places”.
  • The truth is that these people Norlin has selfies with on her Facebook timeline are oblivious of her modus operandi — she just fangirled and asked these people to take selfies with her! What a sneaky sunnovabitch!
  • Norlin is a tacky user of name-brand items. She likes to carry her FAKE Louis Vuitton bags to try to impress her prospective victims. See, there is nothing authentic about her — even her LVs are FAKE!!!!
  • Norlin claims to have a [non-existent / ghost] driver named Marlon, even though it’s pretty obvious that she doesn’t have a car. Hoy Norlin, you can’t even pay your debt, but you can afford a full-time driver??? Knowing that she’s such a selfie whore, if she had a car, she would have plastered photos of her car on her Facebook!
  • Norlin will tell you that someone scammed her for Php5 or Php7 or Php8 million and has filed an estafa case against “that person” (she won’t give you a name, because that person doesn’t exist — it’s all part of her web of lies). LOL, Norlin, you cannot even afford an authentic Louis Vuitton yet you claim to have lost Php8 million???
  • Norlin lies about EVERYTHING! She likes to invent FAKE stories and actually believe her own FAKE stories!


  • Entrepreneurs
  • Politicians (particularly pro-Duterte politicians)
  • Local politicians
  • Wealthy individuals
  • Socialites
  • Government agencies and their officials
  • High-end hotels
  • Business owners
  • Basically anyone with money


  • Norlin is known to reach out to random people on social media through Facebook Messenger.
  • She will introduce herself as a successful entrepreneur with multiple businesses and startups in the Philippines and in other countries. All these businesses, by the way, are FAKE and unregistered in the SEC. She just created logos and one-page websites and voila! called them “companies”!
  • Norlin will befriend you and give you juicy gossip and FAKE news about someone or a group of people you know, don’t know, or don’t even care about.
  • She will then observe if you have money. She will research you and check your social media accounts. If she knows that you have some money, she will classify you as a potential victim.
  • Norlin then start to namedrop famous people she claims as her close friends. Some of these people are Aimee Marcos, Denise Yabut, Bruce Rivera (pro-Duterte blogger), Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, the Lagdameos, the Cojuancos, etc. Of course, there’s no reason to doubt her because she has photos of these personalities on her timeline. She even has a Facebook Page dedicated to photos of her “meetups”. Parang tanga lang. The truth is, she just asked these people for selfies and have no personal relationships with them.
  • Norlin also tells everyone that she has “a panel of counsels” and has sued multiple people. She even claims that some people she sued want to settle for millions of pesos. One person (let’s call her J) she accused denied offering a settlement for Php1 million. How can J settle when she hasn’t even received the subpoena via a registered mail? J also verified with the prosecutor’s office in Imus, Cavite, if the subpoena was authentic. The prosecutor said he doesn’t remember signing that subpoena and that is FAKE. So, you see, Norlin Robles Sunga FAKES everything including court documents, such as a subpoena!
  • Norlin will make you believe that she is well-connected globally. Don’t be surprised if she tells you that she is bringing a billionaire, like Jack Ma or Richard Branson, to her event. In her SynchUp conference in Iloilo, she claims to have booked Richard Branson and Phil Jackson for the event. She bragged about putting down a 50% deposit as payment for Richard Branson’s speaking fees. Hoy Norlin, how can you afford to pay 50% of Richard Branson’s speaking fees (which amounts to millions of pesos), when you can’t even afford to pay Marriott??? Patingin nga ng mga e-mails mo with RB’s PR representative and the receipt for your downpayment!
  • Norlin also usually claims that she seed-funded her [fake] event with Php500,000 as part of her operating expenses. She will then ask moneyed people to partner with her and put down the same amount or more. That or she will look for people who can “bridge finance” her event “before the money from sponsors come in”. Don’t be surprised if she successfully convinces you to open your wallet — she is THAT believable. But prepare to part ways with your hard-earned money…. FOR GOOD!
  • You need collateral to loan her? Don’t worry, she got this convered. She will borrow other people’s checking accounts or post-dated checks (PDCs) as collateral for the loan. This is how she will get away from her obligation to pay the lender and her way to also scam both the lender and the borrower.
  • If you ask her why doesn’t she use her checking account, she will tell you she has no checking account or she will get her checkbooks in a few weeks or so.
  • (WTF??? What successful entrepreneur with multiple businesses doesn’t have a checking account???)
  • Oh, she doesn’t have a credit card. Wow, for an international serial entrepreneur!


  • She will create a story that her [non-existent] client’s remittance, check, or bank transfer hasn’t cleared yet. She has used this excuse in all her scams.
  • She will tell you that she is waiting for a money transfer from her client and as soon as the money transfer clears, she will pay you right away. She has also used this excuse many times.
  • She will claim that she was rushed to the hospital for whatever illness. Trending na ang excuse na ito.
  • You will get an email from her mother using Norlin’s e-mail account to inform you to Norlin was rushed to the hospital. Wow, marunong mag-email si mommy? Bakit hindi na lang tumawag para mas may impact???
  • She will claim that one of her four kids was rushed to the ICU for sepsis or whatever ridiculous illness. She has used this SO MANY TIMES you’d lose count. Pampa-guilty sa mga naniningil sa kanya!
  • She will claim that her mother was rushed to the hospital for whatever illness. Gasgas na rin na excuse ‘to, pero take note lang, baka gamitin nya sa’yo!
  • She will claim that she is in the middle of a meeting with a very important person (most likely with a potential victim of her new cam). VIP talaga si BESH.
  • She will claim that she already sent her non-existent/ghost driver named Marlon to the bank to deposit the payment. Maghintay ka lang daw at i-update ka nya sa status ng deposit every 15 minutes. Grabe may pa-timer pa si ate!
  • Then, she will tell you that her non-existent/ghost driver, Marlon, is already 195 in the queue at the bank. Grabe ang haba naman ng pila, girl! Pero sa Ayala hindi naman ganyan karami considering business center ‘yun! Hoy Norlin, kung talagang totoo, ipa-selfie mo si Marlon with his queue number!
  • Four hours later, Marlon will still be in the queue. Grabe besh, 5 oras sa bangko? Niloloko mo ba ako, besh?
  • No deposit slip yet? She will have a reason: she will claim that her non-existent/ghost driver, Marlon, ran out of battery or load that’s why she can’t reach him AT THE MOMENT. But don’t worry, according to Norlin, she will still update you of the status of her deposit! Sabihin mo na kasi besh kung wala kang pera at wala kang driver, ‘wag ka puro press release na mayaman kasi!
  • It’s already 10 P.M., still no deposit slip to prove that Norlin has paid you? Well, she will claim that her non-existent/ghost driver, Marlon, did not deposit the money because he ended up going to a party or because of whatever ridiculous reasons. Non-existent / Ghost nga si Marlon di ba? Therefore, non-existent din ang trip sa bangko!
  • BUT Norlin will assure you that she will deposit your payment TODAY (11 p.m. na besh, anong bangko ang bukas pa ng 11 p.m.?) or she will do it FIRST THING IN THE MORNING. In fact, she will go to the different branches of BPI, BDO, Western Union to make sure she can pay you. Pero niloloko ka lang pala beshie, pinagmumuka kang tanga! Ayun si Norlin, busy sa kaka-post ng updates nga “glamorous” life nya sa Facebook!
  • Norlin will also tell you that someone has CLONED her messenger and HACKED her Facebook account. This is a LIE that she has used several times over to convince people that someone has been sending FAKE private messages using her Facebook! WOW, Norlin, ONLY YOU can clone your FB messenger and not someone else!


  • Badmouth her on social media. Use her full name and also tag her in your post. If she threatens to sue you, let her. She can’t afford a lawyer. Hahaha “a panel of counsels” my ass.
  • If you badmouth her on social media, there is a SMALL chance that she will pay you a partial amount of the money she ran away from you; but be prepared to wait for one month because she still has to scam other people to pay you. Galing no??? It’s like running her own Ponzi scheme!
  • File a collection case against her. Invest on a lawyer and charge her all your lawyer’s fees. She will scramble to pay you the principal amount. The downside of this is she has to scam others, pronto, to pay you! Kaya, besh, share this post to stop Norlin from scamming others!


  • “My lawyers are ready!” is the usual line she uses to threaten those who badmouth her on social media. She’d tell you that she already consulted her [non-existent] lawyer. Ikaw naman, natakot sa threat, so you will take down your social media posts. Hahaha! Sige nga, Norlin. Sino mga lawyers mo! Show us their business cards and the address of their law offices! Sige nga! We dare you, Norlin! Otherwise, magmumukha kang tanga! Hoy, Norlin, if a wealthy person sues someone, they let their lawyers deal with the situation, hindi sila nag-e-effort kagaya mo!
  • Obviously, having “a panel of counsels” is a BIG, FAT lie! Norlin cannot afford to hire a lawyer. To do so, it would cost her Php50,000 – Php100,000 in acceptance fees FOR ONE LAWYER only. And at least Php3,000 per appearance fee. That doesn’t include the consultation fees and other expenses. Norlin doesn’t have that kind of money unless she successfully convinced some venture capitalists to invest in her fake company (MediAid) and fake conference (SynchUp). She can’t even pay a decent room in Singapore (she stays at hostels hahaha). You’re funny, Norlin.
  • She will threaten you with a Complaint-Affidavit that she’s in the process to file at the prosecutor’s office. HOY TANGA KA NORLIN! HINDI KA NAGRE-RESEARCH! Judicial Affidavit na ang format ngayon since umupo si Lourdes Sereno as the chief justice, hindi na Complaint-Affidavit! If it is indeed true that you have a panel of lawyers, you will get this one right! It’s so apparent that you haven’t spoken to a lawyer! Masyado obvious yang katangahan mo! You can’t even afford the Php500 consultation fee!
  • Norlin will also take a screenshot of the subpoena against the respondent. Why does she have a copy of the respondent’s subpoena when the only one who should have a copy is no other than the responden? AAAANNNNDDDD it should be delivered via a registered mail from the Office of the Prosecutor to the responden’t verified address! Waley teh, walang natanggap si respondent! Dapat nga sa baranggay captain pa binibigay ang subpoena if walang tao sa bahay ni respondent! Ikaw Norlin, masyado nang obvious yang fake case filing mo ha!
  • If Norlin should have a subpoena in her hands, it should be the subpoena addressed to Norlin via verified mail, asking her to appear in front of the fiscal for their first hearing! Wow, Besh, scam pa more! Halatang wala kang alam sa mga case filings! Ghosts ang panel of lawyers mo no? Or baka sa Recto ka nagpa-gawa ng fake subpoena mo? Malapit ka lang nag-aral dun di ba?
  • ACTUALLY, Norlin created all her documents ALL BY HERSELF! So, if she shows you a legal document, show it to your lawyer, and you’ll find out that her documents are ALL FAKE!
  • To verify her complaint against you, call the Office of the Prosecutor where she filed the case at and, chances are, the prosecutor will deny that they signed any documents related to Norlin’s filings. Most likely, the docket number doesn’t even exist haha. Btw, the respondent of her cyberbullying case called the prosecutor’s office of Imus, Cavite and there is no filing there from Norlin. So, that means Norlin also forged the signature of the prosecutor! Wala kang patawad , girl!
  • Norlin will tell you that the people she accused wants to settle the case of at least 1 MILLION! Wow, delusional ka besh??? Eh hindi nga nag-reply sa FAKE mo na complaint ang inakusahan mo tapos magse-settle pa kaya???


  • Aside from extorting money from people to finance her lifestyle, her travels, and her kids, these are some her scams:


  • Norlin positioned herself as born into a rich family. Mapera daw sya besh kaya safe na pahiramin sya ng pera!
  • So that she could scam and extort money from her colleagues
  • Kahit 5-6 pinatulan nya, para lang maka-hiram
  • Then she ran away from people she borrowed money from
  • She has a reputation in both call centers as a scammer and a swindler


  • Kawawang Denise. Norlin tells everyone that she is close friends with Denise Yabut Conjuanco.
  • She name-drops Denise in every conversation that she has with her potential victim. This is to make the potential victim believe that Norlin has friends in “high places”.
  • Sometimes she will pretend to text or dial Denise’s number as she name-drops her. Kaloka!!!!
  • Well, folks, according to the grapevine, Norlin ran away with Denise’s Macbook and iPhone
  • BUT, as expected, Norlin denied the accusation and named another person as the culprit! Haha typical Norlin!
  • Hello, Denise! OK lang ba sa’yo na ginagamit ni Norlin ang pangalan mo to swindle people???


  • Tabang at Malasakit OFW was an advocacy and charity group founded by a Filipino Duterte supporter (let’s call her “A”) living abroad. The purpose of this advocacy. was to raise funds to help 17 OFWs from Riyadh to go home to the Philippines
  • “A” invited Norlin, who claimed to be a pro-Duterte blogger, to join this group
  • “A” thought Norlin was sincere in her intentions to help the OFWs in Riyadh
  • Before “A” and Norlin’s meeting in the Philippines, Norlin had asked “A” to buy her a plane ticket to Malaysia because Norlin did not have a credit card to book and pay the flight. Oh wow, besh, what serial regional entrepreneur doesn’t have a credit card?
  • Norlin promised to pay her loan to “A” by January 3, 2018. When the two met on January 7, Norlin had many excuses for being unable to pay.
  • When “A” and Norlin met personally, the former invited the latter to join her at her hotel. Norlin brought her baby and mother along. “A” had paid for the hotel room. Norlin even invited friends to come up the hotel without informing “A” beforehand.
  • Norlin brought up the idea of crowdfunding for the advocacy group using her Gava Gives and Paypal accounts.
  • But her main intention is to scam everyone again. Norlin ended up pocketing Php92,000 worth of funds and, after being pressured on social media to return the money, she returned Php70,000 only AFTER ONE MONTH.


  • Self-centered Norlin created a FAKE company using her initials. NRS stands for — DUH – Norlin Robles Sunga.
  • Norlin claims that this company has offices and clients in multiple cities in Southeast Asia, particularly Kuala Lumpur.
  • Norlin markets this company as a 200-seater call center/business solutions company. In reality, the office didn’t / doesn’t exist. NRS is not even registered in the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
  • Norlin attended startup events and conferences with uniformed NRS staff in tow. How tacky, besh!


  • Through her FAKE company, NRS Business Solutions, Norlin sent Filipino professionals to Malaysia and promised them working visas and salaries
  • Norlin assured these people that NRS Business Solutions is registered with the Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA). Turns out this company is not, which makes Norlin an illegal recruiter.
  • These Filipinos got stuck in Malaysia because they didn’t have proper documents, weren’t paid the salaries Norlin promised them, and didn’t have working visas. They had to exit to Singapore multiple times for a visa run. Fortunately, they eventually found ways to secure working permits in Malaysia.
  • What happened to their salaries? OF COURSE, Norlin pocketed it!
  • Hello, POEA, patawag nga ‘tong Norlin na ‘to! Paki-interview sa mga ginawa nya sa mga kawawang OFWs sa Malaysia!


  • Norlin got hired by this company as HR manager
  • While working at OneNetworkCommerce, she started a new modus: she marketed OneNetworkCommerce to potential clients as her own [FAKE] company
  • She called this FAKE company, NRS Business Solutions. O, na-connect nyo na? Hahaha
  • Norlin was eventually fired from the job because the founders found out about her modus.
  • She was also fired because of MONEY. Sooo…. typical Norlin!


  • A company that she created on top of her head with no business registrations
  • Hay naku, as usual, imbento na naman ang mga services and solutions ng FAKE COMPANY na ‘to.
  • Just like her other FAKE companies, Norlin thought of a business name, designed a logo, and called it GRUPPO INNOVARE!
  • This company is not registered in the SEC.


  • Norlin went to Iloilo with a press release that she is will bring Richard Branson and Phil Jackson to her international [FAKE] conference called SynchUp 2018.
  • She wanted Iloilo Convention Center as the venue for SynchUp 2018.
  • She claims to have business partners from Manila and Iloilo who promised to put in their investments as soon as Norlin can prove that she can pull off the press conference and the initial fundraising on her own.
  • She held a press conference on June 23, 2018, at the Iloilo Convention Center for the event. She invited some local politicians, select private individuals, and government agency official as guests.
  • She asked her acquaintances in Iloilo to look for people she can borrow money from to “bridge finance” her press conference. She promised to pay the lenders in 7 days.
  • She has DUPED Courtyard by Marriott into believing that she will give them so much business during SynchUp 2018. As a token of gratitude, Marriott gave her one-night free stay at the hotel. Norlin extended for four more nights at Marriott and charged everything to her room. In the end, she checked out without paying Marriott. She created a drama that the remittance from her “client” didn’t clear and asked Marriott Iloilo if she can settle her bill at Marriott Manila. Of course that didn’t happen. Grabe, besh, di ko kinaya to! Talented scammer ka talaga, Norlin!
  • She also did not pay Iloilo Convention Center for the venue and Hotel del Rio for the catering. She also did not pay the other local businesses that served food and drinks at her event!
  • Of course, she didn’t pay the events planner that she hired in Iloilo. Walang awa talaga ‘tong Norling na ‘to!
  • When the Marriott, Hotel del Rio, events planner, and other sponsors asked her to settle her dues, she had so many excuses (see “THE USUAL EXCUSES OF NORLIN” part of this page). She has the same excuses that she used in her other scams. Some of her excuses include: her youngest son had sepsis and was rushed to the ICU on Sunday morning, June 24, and was discharged in the afternoon.
  • She also claimed that she already sent her non-existent/ghost driver to BPI and BDO to deposit the payment, but she couldn’t send any proof of payment or deposit slips. Almost one week later, she still hasn’t paid her suppliers.


  • Just like Norlin’s other FAKE companies, MediAid is also FAKE. It is nothing but a name, a logo, and a slide presentation. She has no website, no app, no prototype, no MVP, no team, no developers who work with her in this FAKE venture.
  • She is using MediAid to scam potential investors and venture capitalists
  • She has DUPED DICT into believing that MediAid is a legit company. DICT flew Norlin to Singapore to represent MediAid.
  • It’s so brazen of her to present her fake company to the participants. She even shamelessly used the names of some DICT officials to close deals with international companies / investors! WOW. SPEECHLESS!
  • She has also DUPED the Iloilo City Council and other municipalities to support the launching of her FAKE company.


If you met Norlin “The Wealthy and Well-Traveled Individual” BEWARE! She is a ruthless scammer! She will extort money from you and run away with it! She will use your money to fund her lifestyle and travels abroad!
If you met Norlin “The Events’ Organizer,” BEWARE! She will ask you to invest in her event or become one of the sponsors. What will happen is there will be no event, and she will run away with your money and deactivate all her social media accounts!
If you met Norlin “The Successful Serial Entrepreneur,” BEWARE! She will ask you to invest in her FAKE companies. What will happen is there will be no company, no product, no revenue, and she will disappear together with your money!
If you met Norlin “The Pro-Duterte Blogger,” BEWARE! She will ask you that she can manage a political PR / mind-conditioning campaign for you. When she tells you this, RUN FOR THE HILLS!

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